This is your brain…

Mama and seal pup off of Rocky Point

Whoever said that teachers don’t work over the summer… wasn’t a teacher!

Three members of the team met a couple of days ago and after the regular catching up chitchat, we mapped out our unit plans for the majority of the year.  It will be quite the adventure as we move with the students through the process of learning through projects–> problems–> inquiry based learning.

I am now cementing my plans for my super-course on Getting to Know Your Brain OR Your Brain 101 (title is still in draft form).  I was excited to see this posting on ASCD:

There have been a few posts about the need to learn more about neuroplasticity (how we actually change our brains as we learn) and mindful learning (making sure we are in the right mindset for learning).  I’m planning to use this article to guide my lessons on the brain to kickoff the year.  I’m seeing connections between the MindUp book and Reading Powers already.

Let me know if this link doesn’t work…I’m still developing my skills at blogging.


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Teacher - gr. 6/7 Focused on Project-based, Differentiated learning, interested in Technological Tools but aiming to be Outside and Hands-On as much as possible.
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